Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Nowhere Fast!

Well it sure doesn't look like we will be exiting the building anytime soon. We have received some good news and some bad news over he past few days. In very good news Alex's pancreatic enzymes are finally trending down and his fever broke late on Friday afternoon. Because of these two occurences, Alex has been feeling better and has even been out of the bed and sitting on the couch some the past two days.

The problem with the fever is that unfortunately it was the re-addition of the third antibiotic that broke the fever which means that most likely he is still infected. Talks have continued as to whether or not to pull the line. The fact remains that there is no good option. The line could be infected in which case it needs to come out. But if we pull out the line we could dislodge the clot which could be dangerous. So the talks continue. To make matters worse the clot has not come down in size at all and Alex is having pretty significant pain at the line site.

The plan for now is to make a decision on Monday about the replacement of the line. Infectious Deisease has also decided that we need to do 2 more weeks of antibiotics to be sure we clear this infection before we move on to our permanent port. So it looks as though we will be inpatient for a while longer.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were so lucky to have incredible friends come spend a few days with us. Here are some pictures of Alex and one of his best buddies, Walker celebrating New Years.



  1. It's great seeing Alex smiling and enjoying time with his friend.

  2. Ali,
    Judy shared this with me via email. I will have you all in my prayers. Alex is such an inspiration to us all. I've never, ever not seen him smiling. We all could learn how to make the best out of our lives as Alex does. I wish you all the best with the decisions in the next few days and pray for strength and good health for you all. Love Jill Leach