Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And the other shoe drops...

Bruce was just let go from Bank of America. Not really sure what to say. We just ask for prayers for Bruce to find employment quickly, for us to figure out a way to keep our insurance through cobra and any leads you may have in sales or geology.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Kindness of Others

This week I have once again been blessed to see the kindness of others. Strangers and friends who did a little something special to make our lives better. People who once again remind me of the good in this world.

After my last post, someone we have never met, a loyal reader of our blog offered to send Alex a new ipod. Nancy is a selfless woman who wanted nothing in return, but to see my Buggy have a smile on his face. True to her word Alex received an ipod several days later and did in fact bring a smile to his face and tears to my eyes! Thank you, Nancy for caring about a family thousands of miles away and reaching out to a little boy. We will never forget your kindness.

As most of you know Bruce's job is not in a good spot. As a matter of fact, I waited to update all week bc I was sure it would be with the terrible news that he had been laid off. That still may be the case, but thanks to a good friend we have hope. Bob, is a friend Bruce has played soccer with for almost 8 years. Bob stepped up this week and is doing everything in his power to get Bruce transferred to his dept. Both Bob, Bruce's current manager and HR are all in agreement. However, a VP is trying to block it from happening. We should know early this week, but just knowing there are people who will go out of the way for you makes a difference!

This morning we were once agained blessed. A friend I've known since Alex was a baby (who is a professional photographer) offered to take pictures of my little troublemaker. Alyssa Maisano takes gorgeous pictures. We met her at a neat park and she got some incredible pictures of Bug. I cannot wait to share some of them. If any of my DFW friends need a photographer, you would be lucky to have Alyssa.

So while this hasn't been the easiest of times with worrying about Bruce's job, these special people and some other good friends have definitely lifted our spirits. Thank you for making our lives so much better.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Mixed Bag

We have been home from the hospital for a week and Alex is doing really well! He recovered with no setbacks from his heart surgery. As of yet, we have not noticed any difference, but it can take up to 6 months for the hole to completely close.

The morning after arriving home, I realized that Alex's ipod was missing. Alex worked hard for two years to be top salesman in his pack for popcorn and his prize was a gift card that he used to buy his ipod. I was extremely upset that it was lost. After many phone calls and emails, I learned that the cleaning crew had found it in our room when we left. We were excited it was found. Unfortunately, it was not secured right away and was stolen. Definitely not the start to last week that I wanted.

Alex and I had a really quiet week as I tried to keep him from doing too much so bhis little body could recover. Not an easy task! As a reward we are heading off for a fun day at the waterpark today as it is needle change day and he can get wet.

It appears as if Bruce is in his final few weeks of employment at Bank of America. He has worked extremely hard to make this position work, unfortunately it is not a good match for his skills and he has struggled for many months with very strict requirements. The fear of facing unemployment again is crushing for all of us. It is definitely affecting our home life as we try and stay positive and believe that things will be okay. As always our greatest fear is the loss of health insurance. Alex has secondary medicaid, but many of his most important treatments are not covered by medicaid. We ask that you fervently pray for our situation and that Bruce will find the perfect job. I am trying to stay streadfast in my belief that God has a plan for our lives and it will be ok. Also, if any of you know of any positions in the sales or geology fields, please let me know.