Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, September 23, 2013

3 years

Three years ago today we lost our precious Samuel. My sweet boy who loved to cuddle with me. Alex's "twin", his best friend, his brother in arms. There still isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of Samuel and all he meant to us. These days we think of him much more often with laughs and smiles then with tears as we remember some silly thing he did or said or some trouble the boys managed to get into together.

As I watch Alex thrive these days, Samuel often comes to mind. I have such mixed up emotions. I am always sad for all the experiences he won't have. I ache for Missy and Ben and the moments they are missing with him. But, I also think of him with such a grateful heart. Many changes came about in Alex's care as the doctors evaluated what more could be done for Alex that might have led to a different outcome for Samuel. I believe that God's plan is perfect. I believe that this angel came into our lives and changed us. I believe that this angel continues to watch over my Bug everyday and I am sure he is looking down with a BIG smile on his face as he sees all that Alex is accomplishing.

We love you, little man!

Friday, September 20, 2013

So happy for my Bug!

This has been a really exciting week for Alex. Starting 3 or 4 years ago, Alex has asked me to do some form of Martial Arts. Our doctors have always said no for 2 reasons. One, Alex can't be hit in the stomach or chest because of the potential danger to his tubes and port. Two, back when Alex's immune system was struggling more, Dr. P did not want him on the germy mats. Obviously, Alex's immune system has responded beautifully to his SCIG (immune replacement therapy). Last week a friend who also has a special needs child (Thanks J'Cee) posted on facebook  about a local Taekwondo gym that was doing private lessons with her son. I decided to contact them about some private lessons with Alex. We met with the Grand Master last Friday and the owner of the gym Saturday and they were more then happy to work with Alex (as long as we had a doctors note clearing him). We all decided that Alex was capable of taking regular classes until he moves to a level where sparring would be involved and be dangerous to Bug. At that point we will switch to private lessons if Alex wants to continue. Alex started on Tuesday and went again on Thursday. To say that he is happy is a major understatement. He is having so much fun. He has begged to go everyday. He is practicing his form and already has his form memorized for the belt test. He also has learned how to count to 10 in Korean. Watching Alex thrive in ways we never thought possible is so special to me. To see his excitement and happiness being able to do something that he has wanted for so long is awesome. He has already won the hearts of several of the instructors as they see how mcuh he is enjoying himself and how hard he is working.

Alex also continues to enjoy his cub scouts. He is off to a great start as a Webelos as he begins his transition to boy scouts over the next year and a half. He loves his friends in his den and working to achieve badges. He was chosen this week to lead the flag ceremony at our pack meeting. Bug and his den did a great job.

As most of you know, it's Popcorn time again! Alex has once again set the goal of being top salesman for his pack. If you are interested in buying popcorn to support Alex and Cub Scouts, please contact me or go to When you go to check out it will prompt you to "support someone". You need our zipcode (76244) and he is listed under Alexander B.
Alex continues to work hard for me during school and we are having our "easiest" year ever. He is very cooperative and is working hard and we are flying through our days.
This next week we have a long awaited GI appt to try and come up with a solution to help Alex's pulmonary issues. We also have several other GI issues that have been causing problems recently so we hope that Dr. O will have some suggestions.
Now on to my other little darling...She is not being quite as well behaved as her brother. Little Miss Maddy is causing some trouble! We had an appointment yesterday and I had not gained any weight or any size in two weeks. Obviously that is a concern. I am also having even more contractions. I am not dilating yet, but I am 50% effaced. I need to make it at least another 3 weeks. My Dr. has ordered me back on the couch and bed. I am trying hard to behave myself. For 9 years, I have focused everything I have into mothering my sweet Bug. I have never missed a moment of his life. It is really hard to not take him to his activities. I know this is all going to change anyway, but it hasn't been easy for me. I also still "have to" care for him and do school so I am trying to balance everyones needs. Needless to say I am ready for this pregnancy to be over and my little girl to be in my arms!
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Bug and for me and Maddy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still Here!

Wow a lot has gone on since my lsat update! The main being a trip to NC. After much begging and pleading with my OB-GYN I got permission to go on our annual trip to visit Mimi and PopPop. I had to swear on my life that I would take it easy and not do too much! This trip always means so much to Alex and I, but it was even more special this year as lots of family and friends were coming into town to attend a baby shower for Maddy! As most of you know this little girl means so much to us because for years we did not think we would or could expand our family. To share our excitement with some of our closest family and friends on the east coast was really special. My only wish is that I had had more time with everyone to catch up. We also spent a day on bald Head Island which truly is like heaven on earth. It is the most quiet, peaceful place. It is only accessible by ferry and no cars are allowed on the island. Everyone gets around by golf cart. The beach is beautiful (and empty) and the island is very diverse in its landscape. This year we did a GPS scavenger hunt and won a trophy for scoring 100%!!! I think I will let the pictures tell the story of our wonderful time in NC!

 Alex enjoying a day at the beach

 Bald Head Island

 Alex and Mimi have such a special relationship. I love to watch it grow each year.

Dinner the night before the shower

 Pictures of the Cake my Mom designed
My Godmother, sister, me and mom

Alex got to meet his cousin Jax
As I went to update this blog I realized I didn't have pictures of so many of the people who attended the shower. Please know it meant the world to me to have you there!
Needless to say I came home exhausted! Since being home Alex and I have both had doctor appointments and Alex started his Homeschool Co-op.
Alex had his 9 year check-up with Dr. Benzick this week. We continue to be so happy with where Alex is right now. He is thriving in every way. While our day to day life is filled with medical interventions we continue to try and live "as normal" a life as possible. My sweet Bug continues to amaze me daily with his joyful spirit and love of life.
I am trudging along. Maddy is 31 weeks now. We had yet another ultrasound this week. I don't have a good picture for you because my little stinker kept her arm across her face the entire time! She weighed 3 lb 2 oz and looked perfect in every way. I continue to struggle with contractions anytime i attempt to do anything other then lounge on the couch. I am on modified bed rest for now with the threat of strict bed rest if I don't follow directions and stay off my feet! I am trying to behave myself, but it isn't easy! I have spent the last few days cancelling tons of appts for Bug and paring down my calender as much as possible.
While we were away, Bruce painted Maddy's room and hung the decorations. We are all so happy with how it came. It is a perfect little girl's room.
Yesterday, Alex started his Co-op. He loved making new friends and seeing old friends. He has 3 classes: Art, Lego, and Creative Writing. He came out grinning from ear to ear and so excited to go back next time. We will pick up our schooling on Monday and hope to get another good chunk done before Maddy arrives.
Last thing....It's that time of the year again! POPCORN SALES! Alex has once again set the goal of being the top salesman for the pack. I am hopeful he can achieve his goal, but not sure since things are a little crazy this fall! The website has changed this year for those of you that order online. The website is After you create a sign-in and shop when you get ready to checkout it will prompt you to "support a scout". This is how Alex gets credit for his online sales. You need to enter our zip code (76244). It then pulls up a list of scouts. Alex is listed as Alexander B. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you are local to us...Don't buy online. We can take orders and you won't have to pay shipping. Thank you again for supporting my Bug and helping him reach his goals.