Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

When Alex and I speak, I often start with the phrase that "All I ever wanted was to be a mother, but motherhood hasn't looked like I thought it would!" Anyone who knows me, knows that my whole life I desperately wanted to be a Mom. And this definitely isn't how I envisioned motherhood. But I am so blessed to be able to be Mom to my two amazing babies. They are the strongest, most courageous, determined, joyful people I know. I have experienced incredible highs and lows, but I wouldn't change it for a second. 

I was raised by a mother who has been my rock. She taught me about strength, believing in myself and loving unconditionally. She has been with me through every phase of my life she is my best friend and confidant. I hope I make her proud as a mom and that some day my kids are able to look back on this life and know that no matter what I loved them more then anything like I can.

This week has been bittersweet. My sweet girl had her last day of school. Building Blocks has been such a gift this year. I have watched Maddy grow and thrive. She has learned a lot, but more importantly she has been loved so completely. She has gained confidence, made friends and stolen the hearts of her teachers. I am so grateful for her year and looking forward to what next year brings. On Thursday, they had a water play day and popsicles to finish out their year!

On Tuesday and Friday we spent time with our beloved "family" at the Cook Children's health Foundation working on some events to help people understand how amazing Cook Children's is! We are so lucky to have such an amazing hospital so close to home. 

On Saturday, Maddy and I went to Taste Buds Kitchen to have a Mother's Day tea party. We are so grateful to Hopekids for all the events that help us create memories. 

For Alex the week has been a little rough. We are still trying to sort out what is going on with his kidneys. He hasn't felt well and answers are taking longer then we would like! He did get some exciting news late this week as he got a speaking role in our Summer Theater Production of Annie jr. at church! We have an awesome summer with lots of exciting things coming up so we need to get him feeling better!

Please pray for Alex's health and more joyful fun this summer!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Good week with a new medical issue

Overall this was a great week with lots of fun!

Last Sunday, Maddy went to a birthday party and went "Unicorn Backing" as she calls it. I had not told her there would be pony rides and she was SO excited. Most of the other kids rode a little and played a little, but Maddy was with the ponies the whole time. This girl loves her horses.

On Tuesday evening Maddy had her Spring Performance at school. She had told us for weeks that she was NOT going to sing. She told her teachers she would just stand and look cute. I was really proud of her for singing all three songs!

Friday night we got the opportunity to go to Legoland with Hopekids to celebrate their 5th birthday. We always enjoy our Hopekids events and are so grateful for the opportunity to create amazing memories as a family. 

Sunday we had another awesome day as we went with Katie and Wyatt (and Townes) out to visit Katie's horse Bailey. I think this could become a regular outing this summer!

Best Buddies

Sweet Bailey

No Fear...even on a HUGE horse!

Always laughing together

Yesterday, Maddy had her picture day for her dance recital. She has LOVED dance this year. She has a sweet class and I have really enjoyed watching them all grow this year. I was able to snap a few pictures through the studio window, but better pics to come!

My Beautiful Ballerina!

Here are some more of our bluebonnet pictures! Tina W. Photography did such an awesome job catching the kids personalities, especially Maddy!

Overall the last week has been full of smiles and fun times. The only negative is Alex has developed an issue with his kidneys. We are still trying to determine what is going on. What looked like a UTI is not and is a bigger issue. We have had two trips to the doctor and have a slew of tests to complete before we can figure out exactly what is wrong and then we can come up with a treatment plan.

Thank you for loving our family through all the ups and downs.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Answered Prayers!

It has been two weeks since I updated so this will be long, but it is full of answered prayers and unexpected blessings and LOTS of Pictures!

I mostly have fun updates, but let me get the medical out o the way. Maddy is doing great. Still having leg pain, but otherwise my little firecracker is doing well and keeps us on our toes! Alex is doing better then he was, but we discovered this week that he has a UTI. I am hopeful that some of his pain has been caused by this as it looks like its been brewing for a while. Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in and he will start to feel great!

On April 17th, we went for our annual Bluebonnet pictures with Tina at Tina W Photography. I haven't seen our whole session yet, but the couple pictures I've seen are beautiful!

The rest of that week was pretty normal with school, doctors appointments, therapy, golf, dancing and acting!

Last Saturday we got to attend Seaquest Aquarium with HopeKids. We had so much fun and the interactive aquarium was a blast!

On Monday morning, we were so excited to get an offer letter for a great position for Bruce.  We scrambled to try and secure a vehicle for him to start work on Tuesday! he had a great first week, while we again were busy with all of our regular activities.

This weekend was focused on Alex's confirmation. Yesterday he had a party to celebrate with his friends.

Some of these kids have known each other since they were little. Their friendships were cemented during the 5th and 6th grade years and the friendships have continued to deepen over the past 7 months as they met weekly to discuss their faith and prepare to begin their own walk with Christ. These friends have meant so very much to Alex and I have loved watching the kindness and love they all share.
This morning was special. On April 17, 2005, Alex was baptized at Keller United Methodist Church. On June 8, 2004, Maddy was being baptized on Alex's 10th birthday and Alex asked Pastor Chris if he could reaffirm his baptismal vows. This morning, Alex was confirmed at the only church he has ever known. I have watched this church family, nurture him, love him and help him grow in his faith.
April 17, 2005

June 8, 2014

Thank you to everyone who has prayed over this special Child of God for the past 13 years. I am so grateful every day that I get be his mom and watch his incredible journey on this earth.