Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, November 9, 2018

Update on my surgery and Zoey

It was a crazy week around here (aren't they all)!!!

Monday I was happy to get back to a somewhat normal routine with Halloween behind us. Tuesday was my surgery. I had to be up early to be at the surgery center at 8:00. I was ready to get the surgery behind me. I was there about 4.5 hours. Luckily they were able to remove all of the skin cancer. I have stitches from the middle of my nose down to my lip on one side. I was really swollen and pretty sore Tuesday, but it has improved each day. The hardest part has been the swelling of my lip making it hard to eat and talk! I tried to take it easy the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday, but that isn't always easy for me! I am grateful to some good friends who brought us dinners this week and helped with Maddy.
The other big news has to do with Zoey, Alex's service dog. Any of you who have followed my blog for a while know that we surprised Alex in December of 2015 with the news that we would be getting him a service dog, something he had asked for for quite some time. Zoey came to us in May 2016 through a trainer locally who had trained several service dogs to meet the needs of kids who didn't fit the mold of the large organizations (ie-seizures, diabetic alert dogs, etc) We struggled to coordinate training with that trainer and were largely left on our own. Last year they let us know that they were no longer going to be working with service dogs. We were upset, but given how fragile Alex's health was all of last year we just let it go. Zoey spent most of the last year living as a "regular" pet. Fast forward to last month, Alex's health has stabilized and he let me know he really wanted to finish training Zoey. I reached out to a friend and she knew of a trainer who trains dogs to detect low cortisol which was the main job we had wanted Zoey trained for. We met this trainer yesterday for her to evaluate Zoey and determine if she thought Zoey could do this work. She put Zoey through a number of tests, watched her with Alex and immediately picked up on Zoey's ability to detect when Alex isn't feeling well. I am thrilled to say that Zoey will be going off for 1-6 months of Training beginning December 3rd. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do this on our own. I am doing something I have tried to avoid over the years...something I hate to do...I am asking for help. We have set up a fundraiser to help us raise the funds we need to make this happen for Alex. If you would like to help please click on the following link. If you are unable to contribute, please share and pray for us to be able to do this.
Help Zoey Serve Alex

Finally, we had some pictures taken of Mad for her 5th birthday. Here are some of my favorites:

Thank you for everyone who continues to love us, to support us, to pray for us.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


I have said that in our family the week of Halloween is way crazier than Thanksgiving or Christmas! This week proved that to be the case. A Halloween Birthday is no joke.

Before I get into ALL the pictures...I need to say something. Thank you to our village for loving us well. Thank you for showing my children (especially Alex) that he can make a difference. For years, Alex asked me if God doesn't make mistakes then why does he have so much "wrong" with him. My answer was always that God doesn't make mistakes and that his purpose was to show people that you can still have a happy life and inspire others no matter what your circumstances. That sweet boy of mine has taken that message to heart and has found purpose through sharing his story.  He is committed to making our hospital, CMNH, and this world a better place. Helping him reach his goals whether through prayers, encouragement, or donations has strengthened his resolve and motivated him to push harder. So thank you for all you do.

Now for a picture documentary of the week:

Mad had her birthday party at Texas Ballet Theater with a surprise visit from Rapunzel!

After the party we headed to church for Trunk or Treat

Tuesday was a Costume Parade and Party at school

Tuesday night was TCU Boo with the TCU Dance Marathon Kids

Wednesday we took our traditional pumpkin pictures before school!

On top of all of that, Alex was the Tour Guide at the Annual Haunted House at the Hospital on Monday and Tuesday!

It was a week full of celebration and joy! We are tired, but our hearts are full. Please say some prayers for me this week as my surgery is on Tuesday. I have more pictures and an update on Alex and Zoey (his service dog) that I will share later in the week!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday, Madelyn Paige!

 Oh my precious Maddy Moo, my Smoosh, my Firecrack-

 What joy you bring to our family. You are so smart and so funny. You have such big feelings packaged in that little body. Whether you are mad, sad, happy, you own it fully. You love with your whole heart and let everyone around you know. You make friends easily and are kind to all. You tell us we are your favorite and the best always. Your love for your brother is amazing. You are the most determined person I have ever met. You don't know how to quit. You push yourself to do what doesn't seem possible and that perseverance will take you far. When you were a baby and toddler all physical skills were so hard, but with relentless work you achieved every milestone we set before you. In those days when we just hoped you would be able to walk, I never dreamed you would aspire to be a ballerina and go after that goal too. You, my girl, are strong enough to do whatever you want. I hope you always want to be my little cuddle bug, my helper, my best friend. I pray you never lose your sassiness, your spunk, your drive.  You my Smoosh are so special and I love you so much. I thank God every day that he made you "so cute" and that he made you mine!

Year Five Stats:

Weight 39 lbs
Height 3' 7"
Favorite color: Purple and Blue
Favorite Animal: Elephants and horses
Favorite Book: All Better
Favorite Movie: Tangled
Favorite Princess: Rapunzel
Favorite Food: French Fries, Yogurt, Ice Cream with Whipped Cream
Best Friend: Alex, Brookie, Audrey
Favorite things to do: Ballet, Read, Play dolls
What do you want to be when you grow up: Prima Ballerina