Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pertussis and Pictures

What a very long month this has been!

Alex started with a nagging cough on June 30th that quickly became pretty bad. By the end of the week he was wheezing and not sounding or looking good. He had no fever and no other symptoms so everyone's first thought was an asthma flare. We saw multiple doctors 6 times before finally being diagnosed with pertussis 10 days later! Alex is vaccinated, however because of his immune deficiency he doesn't hold the titers to his vaccines normally.  Unfortunately, many people now do not believe in vaccinating their children. Alex has paid the price for those choices. We are now almost a month into this ordeal and Alex is still struggling. he coughs to the point of turning red/blue. He cannot catch his breath. He has expressed a fear of dying. We are still doing breathing treatments around the clock. He is using twice his normal amount of Oxygen. He cannot go to TKD because he doesn't feel well enough. It is really sad. All of us were treated with antibiotics so we are not contagious, however, Alex's cough could linger for months.  we are praying he starts to feel better soon!

Miss Maddy Moo is doing well. We are so grateful she did not get the pertussis as I cannot imagine how scary it would be with a baby! Maddy had her 8 month pictures done on July 4th and they are precious! Heather at has been so awesome to work with and she did a fabulous job capturing "Maddy"! My plan had been t get a few of the kiddos together, but because Alex wasn't feeling well, he didn't come. So here are Maddy's pics:

Hoping for a GREAT update next month!