Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, December 9, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update on both kiddos

First our official birth announcement for Maddy!

These beautiful photos were taken by Heather at Heather Parker Photography. She was awesome to work with and got soe beautiful pictures. I will post a fe more at the end of this blog.

Now for an update on my best boy...As most of you know he spiked a fever of 104.9 on Sunday and wound up being airlifted from Cook Children's ER to Houston. His doctors were pretty concerned when he arrived in Houston as he did not look well. Our initial thoughts were that he had either sepsis from a line infection or pancreatitis. Luckily, he made a fairly quick turn around and has parainfluenza. He is still not feeling great. His temp was back up to 101 yesterday and he has a pretty nasty cough that started last night. We are watching him closely. We are sp grateful for the long stretch we have had without needing to be hospitalised. We are praying this is just a small bump in the road and that we will have another long stretch infection free!
We are also trying to once again get him nutritionally sound. After several months of him looking and feeling great he has declined over the past few months. He has not gained any weight since last February and he is once again deficient in several vitamins/minerals. Unfortunately, the special prescription vitamins that he was on that he actually absorbs have been backordered. We are working hard with our Gi to find an alternative and get him feeling great again!

While we were at the pediatrician following up on Alex today, we weighed Maddy. She has gained a full pound in the past 2 weeks. She is now 7 lb 14 oz! Woohoo! We are continuing to struggle with reflux and both our pediatrician and allergist are pretty sure she is reacting to something I am eating so I am having to change my diet in order to keep her as healthy as possible.

Alex is gearing up for his next belt testing in Taekwondo. We are continuing to enjoy our break from school while we relish this time to enjoy our new baby. We will restart right after Christmas. Grandpa was hear visiting for Thanksgiving and we are excited for Mimi and PopPop to come for Christmas so it is pretty busy around here!

Here are some more pictures from the past 2 weeks as well as some from Maddy's photo shoot:

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us over the past few weeks.