Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Month!

I am not sure where the time goes!!!! Another month has passed without me updating this blog.  This month has seen the end of many of our activities. I am glad to have a break from some of the running around!

Let's start with Alex...Alex finished 4th grade on Wednesday. We are both HAPPY to be done. I cannot believe we just finished our 5th year of homeschooling. Alex's science class and homeschool co-op both ended in the last few weeks. He is back to doing aquatic therapy and is LOVING his new PT. They are having so much fun together. It makes all the difference when therapy is fun and not a fight. We are waiting on some new braces to come in that Alex will sleep in. These will help stretch his heel cords which are extremely tight. Alex continues to participate in Taekwondo 2-3 times a week and loves it. He once again had belt testing and is now a blue belt. He has come so far in 8 months. He is excited to be going to a few day camps for the first time this year. Medically, we have had to do some testing this week. I don't have the results yet, but it appears as if we may be adding a new diagnosis for the first time in years.
Alex accepting his blue belt

Alex with his favorite instructor

 Maddy is still taking Kindermusik classes and loves it. She had her first playdate. She is really developing the sweetest little personality. She loves to jump in her jumperoo. She squeals in delight all day long and lights up when she sees her big brother. Alex continues to be absolutely AMAZING with her. Anyone who sees them together can attest to the special relationship they have. Bug is so helpful to me and keeps her entertained when I need to get stuff done. We continue to soak up every minute with our little princess.

We have spent much of the last month with our Make A Wish family. At the end of April, we volunteered at the Wish Upon A Par golf tournament. This was our 3rd year helping at this tournament. We love to see good friends and familiar faces each year. This year was also the first time Alex chose to perform at Wish Night. It was an incredible experience. We had rehearsals several Saturdays in April and May and then attended Wish Night on May 17th. We continued to be blessed by the Make a Wish Organization and the "family" we feel so lucky to be a part of.

We are gearing up this week for another trip to Houston. While we dread the drive and the appointments we are always happy to see good friends. We are also picking Mimi and PopPop up in Houston and bringing them home with us. We can't wait for that.
Thanks for keeping up with us!