Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home at last!

We finally made it home on Monday evening. We are so thankful to be back in our own house and settling into our routine. Alex and I are both exhausted. We have a month of sleep to catch up on. No matter how wonderful the nurses are, you NEVER get a full nights sleep in the hospital. Between beeping pumps, nurses coming in, techs doing vital signs and doctors it is just impossible! I always forget how quiet and dark a room can be! It really does make me appreciate the simple joys of everyday home life.
Healthwise Alex is doing well. He is back to his crazy self. He is so vibrant and full of life it puts a smile on everyone's face. I am aware every moment of how close we came to losing him a month ago and it makes me cherish the moments we share. He is so sweet and loving. This morning we were cuddling in bed and he said, "Mom tell me again why did God give me to you?" I said, "Because you are the PERFECT son for me." His quick reply..."And you are the perfect Mom for me". Those are the kinds of things he tells me every day. If anyone ever had to count how many times a day we tell each other we love each other or how many kisses we share a day, they would be in big trouble!
We have had a nice, quiet week enjoying our time with Mimi. We have been quietly hanging around the house. Mom has also helped us to finish decorating Buggy's room. As many of you know, Bug loves zebras. Mimi brought a calender of zebras for Bug. We pulled out the pictures and framed them. We also got a zebra stripe blanket and bean bag. Bruce is working on painting zebra stripes on letters to spell Buggy above his bed. Against the electric blue paint of his room, it looks awesome. We have a special surprise planned for Bug tomorrow night and then Saturday we have a cub Scout event before we have to let Mimi go back to NC. If Pop-Pop wouldn't throw a fit, we would keep Mimi here forever.
I want to thank everyone for the tremendous outpouring of love and support we have received over the last six weeks. I am completely humbled by the number of gifts and prayers we have received. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people.
I hope to have some pictures to upload tomorrow.


  1. So happy to hear you guys are home!! Hope things get settle good and can stay that way for a while! I can't wait to see pics of his room!!

  2. I am so glad you are home and Alex is feeling so much better!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ali, Dr. P directed me your way. I have a few questions for you regarding your Pediatrician. Would you please email me at Thanks!

  4. I loved reading your blog and catching up with what's going on with sweet little Alex! I am thrilled to hear you are home...ahhhh home sweet home! I had a dream about my handsome little BF last night and he was as happy as always running around making everyone smile! :) I miss seeing y'all everyday and hope we cross paths again! We are at TX childrens as of yesterday. Hopefully the doctors here can lead us in the right direction and get us home soon!!
    Much love!