Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Good Day

Alex playing his ds

Alex getting an ultrasound

W e had a really good day today. Alex slept in till I woke him at 9 to give him his shot. We had just gotten going when we were surprised to see a theraist at our door. The team had consulted occupational and physical therapy to come in since we have been here so long and Alex receives these therapies at home. I got a good 45 min to myself while Alex worked with the therapist. Alex's labs weren't great this morning with both his pancreas and liver numbers going up over night. Because of this they ordered another ultrasound to look at his liver and ducts to see if they can find a reason his pancreatitis will not abate this time.
Alex walked for the first time today although a little unsteady on his feet! He played games. He spent time with his favorite child life specialist decorating his room and he had music. So a good, but busy day. Right at 7:00 he asked to go to sleep and has been sleeping soundly since.
Hopefully, tomorrow is a nother day filled with good news!


  1. What sweet photos! Thank you for your updates. Little boys just love those DS's don't they. You don't know me but I follow your Alex's story and I pray for Alex and your entire family that 2011 is a wonderful year full of blessings for you all.

    ~Katie in Washington

  2. So happy to hear he had a good day!! Hope things will get better with liver and pancreas. Still praying for Alex!