Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nothing New

I really don't have much to report. Alex had another busy morning of therapy and playtime. We also did quite a few art projects this morning. We capped off the morning with a visit from the therapy dogs. Alex has had some of these same dogs coming for the whole 3 years we have been coming to this hospital. It is always fun to visit with the dogs and their owners. Alex has napped over four hours each of the last two days.

Alex with his OT

Alex with Rio, one of his favorite therpy dogs

We were able to start a trickle (a tsp an hour) of water into Alex's Jtube last night and have continued it today. In the morning we will see what his labs look like, but he appears to be tolerating that little bit. We are happy for even these small steps as just 3 weeks ago this journey was about to begin and Alex was so very sick.

We continue to be blessed to be in a place that is filled with love. Alex is surrounded by people who love him and encourage him to be the little crazy boy they have watched grow over the last few years. He is hugged and talked to, played with and uplifted over and over again by this incredible staff. I cannot imagine being anywhere else where Alex would be able to thrive the way he has even with the amount of time we are in the hospital. I will forever be thankful to our "family" at Children's Memorial Hermann.


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