Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Home Yet....

But Soon!

This is a picture of Alex on Thursday night. His eyes were red and swollen and he just didn't feel well. There was some concern at that point that he may have a virus. Lucky for us it was just a false alarm! Alex woke up yesterday feeling and looking much better. The decision was made that everyone felt better to watch Alex a few more days just to be safe. So our plan is to come home Monday or Tuesday depending on if our home health is able to get things together on Monday. We also need to coordinate with all the doctors to decide when we need to follow-up. I was able to sit with Dr. Pacheco yesterday and discuss some exciting possibilities for treatment in the future.

Other then that it was a pretty easy day. We have some of the most incredible doctors and nurses. One of Alex's favorite doctors showed up yesterday with a marshmallow blaster and a bag of marshmallows. Both she and Alex got in disguise found a screen shield and managed to ambush Alex's pediatrician and team. It made for fun and the fun continued. What an increduble team we have that recognize the need to allow Buggy to be a "normal" little boy even when we are here.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. We cannot wait to get home and back to our routine.



  1. Ali - I'm so happy Buggy loved the marshmellow blaster. Dr. P. mentioned it to us while we were in Yoi's appointment. Dave and I were laughing so hard!!!

  2. I read this post to my son, Wyatt, 8 years old, and told him a little about Alex. He said the marshmallow gun and ambushing the doctors sounds like a lot of fun! He laughed at the thought. I think so too...sure to bring a smile to Alex's face, I'm sure! Wyatt is also in boy scouts and has a lot of doctors (and visits to the hospital)....he found it very exciting that Alex enjoys some of the same things as he does and also deals with similar medical issues. I hope you're able to return home this week!