Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Line

Short update tonight...

Alex had his femoral line pulled today and a PICC line placed. He did pretty well with the surgery. He had his favorite anesthesiologist and woke up happy. We are watching for any possible complications, but so far we have not seen any. The plan is to continue to run antibiotics and follow labs for the next ten days. LAte next week we should be able to get to the OR to place his permanent port and then head home. We will leave him on TPN and work on feeds when we get him home.



  1. Glad to hear that it is starting to go in the right direction. Your family is still on our minds and in our hearts.
    Those New Year's pictures were priceless.


  2. Hi Ali-I have been following Alex though my best friend, Joy. This is my first time seeing his sweet face-oh my goodness! So precious! I want you to know that we are thinking and praying for your family. Much love and many blessings to your family, Leah Thompson