Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of a Crazy Year

I certainly didn't think that I would be spending New Year's in the hospital. This is a year where we have had some really high high and some really low lows. As the year comes to an end I feel my faith in people and a God who guides our days has been renewed. The love and support that surrounds us amazes me daily. I am so thankful for the countless prayers that are lifted for us each and every day.

Today was a day that started not very good and ended so well. Alex had a nother rough morning. He was so weak he didn't want to sit up or play. He just laid in bed and wached tv and was very quiet. We scrambled once again to come up with a plan as his temp continued to saty in the high 101's. We ran flu tests, rsv, looked at his ears, nose and throat all despite the fact that he has no symptoms of a virus. We were just hoping we would find some easy reason for a fever. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. The plan as of now is that if Buggy still has a fever tomorrow the femoral line must come out. We started a third antibiotic today (one he was on in the PICU but was stopped early in the week). If he still is febrile tomorrow we will add yet another med after pulling the line. We would either place a femoral line on the other side or a PICC line in his arm. We also did another CT scan today to look at his pancreas and the clot again. I have not received results yet.
The day turned around this afternoon when our good friends the Morgans got to the hospital. Kelly called me yesterday and told me that they didn't want me and Buggy to spend New Years alone so they would like to coem spend the day with us. It was such a nice treat to have a peice of home with us. Alex was SO happy to see Walker. The boys played games, watched movies, fought and laughed. We rang in the New Year around 9 and by the time I got back from walking the out Alex was sound asleep. We will get to spend some more time with them tomorrow before they head back to Fort Worth. I am so thankful for such incredible friends that came so far to put smiles on faces. We love you guys.
Our prayers are for a New Year filled with love laughter and health.


  1. Ali, please know my thoughts and prayers have been with you and Alex these last several days through the holidays. So glad you guys haven't been alone. Hope you have a Happy New years day and that 2011 is better to you.

  2. So happy you had good friends to start what we all pray to be a much, much better start to 2011....compared to the end of 2010!! You faith strengthens so many of us looking in on you guys, and I know it's the reason Alex will recover. Thank you for sharing it with us, too!! Much love and prayers for getting home soon and WELL!!!!

  3. Happy New Year and praying that Alex will turn the corner to feeling better and getting his strength back very soon! Praying for your strength too, Ali. Sending lots of ((hugs))

  4. praying for your all! may 2001 bring you many blessings!