Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's Back!

Today for the first time we are seeing glimpses of Alex's personality and it is so heartwarming to see after the last few days.

Alex does indeed have pancreatitis to complicate matters further. He has been in quite a bit of pain and nauseous, but when he has meds he is happy and playing. He is still pretty weak and cannot yet sit up on his own, but we are able to prop him up some. Labs continue to improve.

As for the flu...I have gotten some clarification. It is not the typical flu. He has haemophilus parainfluenza. It is a bacterial infection that should also respond to the antibiotics. The PICU fellow last night told us we weren't supposed to have a checklist of diagnoses. Alex never does anything halfway!

We are currently still in the PICU, but are in the process of being transferred to our regular "step down" unit. We are just waiting on a bed to open up.

I am so thankful my Mom has been here to suppport me since early Monday morning. As soon as she knew how sick Buggy was she jumped on a plane. I don't know how I would have made it through this week withot her. Buggy and I love her more then anything and couldn't imagine her not being here.

I am also so thankful for Missy for dropping everything and rushing to the hospital Sunday night as soon as she knew how sick Buggy was. We have walked the hardest of roads together over the last two years and her friendship and love was perfect. She sat with me all night Sunday and besides picking up Mom all day Monday. I will always treasure our frienship.

There are countless others who have called, prayed, brought food, sent gifts. Thank you!
Others have asked if there is anything you can do. Over the last three years Alex has counted on blood products numerous times. While they have always been important before, they literally saved Alex's life this week. If you are able please donate blood for Alex and all the other kids who rely on the blood banks.

I am going to recount the early part of what happened since I have had some questions... Saturday night around 3 AM Alex spiked a fever of 103.9. I gave him a dose of tylenol and put cool cloths on him. Within an hour and a half his temp was down to 100. Typically, Alex doesn't bring his temp down no matter what interventions we use so I thought perhaps we had just overdone it. When we woke up Sunday morning Alex's temp was 98 and he was playing and acting ok. Around 11, he started crying and shaking uncontrollably and quickly respiked a fever. We rushed to Cook Children's (around 12:30)and were immediately taken back to a room. We saw the attending quickly who called Dr. Koenig and transfer orders were started within minutes. We were on our way to the airport by 4 and at Children's Memorial Hermann by 6. We were taken to a room in our regular unit, but on arrival his lips were blue, he was shaking, his eyes were sunken, he was disoriented and overall not looking good. The first resident to see him knows us well and has seen Alex pretty sick many times. She didn't like the way he looked and consulted the PICU and Dr. Pacheco. Together the decision was made that he needed to be in the Intensive Care Unit. Things deteriorated quickly and by the time we got back to the PICU it was clear he was in trouble. Thus the decision to intubate and let his body rest. Because of the line infection, Alex was in septic shock. He was in DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation)which is a serious disorder in which the proteins that control clotting do not work correctly. You can bleed out from this condition. He also was in the early stages of kidney and liver failure. Because of the quick action of the two hospitals coordinating the transfer and the exceptional care we received here, we were able to stabilize Alex and protect his organs. It was a rough couple of days, but Alex has proven to all of us what a fighter and true miracle he is. I am going to post a few pictures. Some of them are not pretty, but I want show the miraculous turnaround he has made.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Shortly after being intubated

When he was begining to became more alert

After one of many severe allergic reactions

Immediately after extubation

This morning


  1. God bless him. It is so sad to see how much he has to suffer with these infections. I'm glad he's feeling well enough to smile again.



  2. Look at that smile! I love it! I'm so happy to hear he's turned the corner and doing much better. This made my day.....great news! ((((hugs)))))

  3. Sitting here with my eyes brimming with tears! What a rollercoaster you've all been on! These pictures are both heartbreaking and heartwarming. That precious smile! I'm so glad he's feeling better and his body had a chance ot rest. Thank God for modern medicine and fabulous medical professionals! We're all still pulling for him and sending you love, prayers and hugs!

    Deanna (from KFA)

  4. Praying lots of peace, joy and happiness for all of you these next few days!

  5. So thankful for the healing and amazing care he has received. What a marvelous have him here and feeling better Christmas!!! Our familys' hugs and continued prayers are with you!!!!

  6. Merry Christmas! Sorry it has to be spent in the hospital, but so glad to hear that Alex is doing a bit better. Praying that he regains his strength quickly. ((hugs))~Erica Beyea

  7. I read the word "giggle" and it warmed my heart so much that he is able to do that. I know that he has so much going on - my husband has made it through pancreatitis many times, and two of the times he did have a cyst that complicated things, but he made it through. What an amazing little boy you have! We are still praying and thinking of him, and you, your husband, and family!