Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, January 12, 2009

We will head home in the morning! Alex got his blood this morning and did great. We are getting a dose of lasix tonight to help with his fluid retention. The plan is for us to come back the first week of February. We will "tank up" for surgery as Dr. Koenig puts it. basically we will make sure he doesn't need blood or anything else based on his labs. Then we will have our first surgery. That one will be an ERCP. They will go in by endoscopy and look more closely at Alex's pancreas. If anyhting small needs to be fixed they can do it through the endoscope. Then we will wait a few days and see if his pancreatiti​s flares (a possibility with the ERCP). Once we are sure his pancreas is okay we will have our second surgery. This will be his J tube placement and if they need to do more extensive surgery on his pancreas. They are also considering removing his gallbladder during this surgery. Our next stay will be quite long. After Alex recoups from surgery we will try and get back on J tube feeds and off of TPN.

I will update tomorrow once we are home.

Prayer​s for safe travels appreciated!​

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