Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things are pretty much the same. Not much to update. They had wanted to increase Alex's protein in his TPN. Well, we already know Alex doesn't process protein correctly. His body doesn't metabolize protein correctly so it turns into ammonia. High ammonia causes extreme irritabilit​y. We were going to make the increase in 2 jumps. Well we made the first increase and his ammonia skyrocketed so the doctors decided to not increase anymore. The only other change they may make is to decrease his lipids. His triglycerid​es are extrememly high.

We are waiting to see surgery. That needs to happen before we can come home.

We also need to see about a blood transfusion. The only other change is that Alex's blood sugars have flipped back to our old ways. If we let him off TPN at all within 30 minutes his numbers are in a dangerously low range. We are continuing to try because he needs the time unhooked to be a little boy.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support and pray for us.


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