Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am really frustrated with a doctor today so i figured rather then sit here fuming I would post my vent and let it go!

The lab that was abnormal this morning was LDH. It tests for breakdown of cells or muscles. It was run to see if he was hemolyzing (or breaking down) his red blood cells causing his anemia. The high end of normal is 160. Alex's was 1796. Basically extremely high. When I did some research, I found that this test has subclasses you can run that help determine where the breakdown is happening...​heart, liver, RBC, or somewhere else. One of the things that can cause the LDH to be high is acute pancreatiti​s. Well, I just spoke to the hematologis​t, she refuses to run the subclasses because she does not feel it is coming from the blood cells. I explained the concern over Alex's pancreas and that this test could be helpful if we knew it was elevated b/c of his pancreas. She didn't care. She said her specialty was blood and she didn't feel this was from blood so she wouldn't order it. End of Story. I do not think very highly of a doctor who would let a lab value that is 10 times normal go "because it is not their specialty". Doctors are supposed to treat patients. It would have been no skin off her back to run this test. She just didn't care enough. I will ask Koenig or Gi about doing the subclasses, but it just urks me.


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