Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, January 2, 2009

Alex continues to improve daily. We have had little setbacks, but overall he is so much better then a few days ago.

We had to put Alex back on oxygen last night. He is fine when he is awake, but is struggling when asleep. Dr. Koenig is hoping we can go home without oxygen. We are going to watch him a few more days. If on Monday she is comfortable with everything else she but he still needs oxygen at night she will send us home with it.

There is now only trace protein in his urine. This is great. It means that it was strictly because he was sick and his kidneys are working fine.

His platelets also continue to come up. While I did not like hematology (and Dr. K was well aware of this by the time she saw me) she feels they are good at what they do. Apparently even though they didn't tell me anything, they had quite a few suggestions that they discussed with her. As long as she is in the loop and they are communicati​ng that is fine with me.

The pediatric team willingly ran the LDH subclasses this morning. The results are not back to us yet.

The general consensus is that our biggest concern right now continues to be Alex's pancreas. The general belief is that he has had pancreatiti​s longer then any of us knew. He is in another bad flare right now that was sparked by the flu. We need his pancreas enzymes to come down before we can continue with plans for GI surgery.

Our pediatric team thought we might get to go home tomorrow, but Dr. Koenig thinks he still looks pretty puny and just wants to watch him for a few more days.

I am struggling with a nasty cold, but definitely not the flu. The clinical pharmacist who we love brought me some sudafed hoping that will help.

Please pray for Alex to continue to heal. Also, for me to keep my strength up so i can care for him


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