Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things continue to go well here! When we reran Alex's triglycerid​es they were still VERY high (372) so I feel like we made the right choice in changing his lipid schedule. He is having some belly pain and his belly is extremely distended. But nothing we can't handle.

We got to go to playgroup this week. Playgroup is so special to both Alex and I. It truly is our safe haven. Alex is so happy and comfortable with his friends. They have only known Alex as he is so they think nothing of his tubes and wires and smelling food. They accept him completely as he is. And that is so wonderful for me to see. I know he won't always encounter people who take his medical issues for granted like this group does. My favorite story to illustrate this happened when Alex got his first feeding tube. At our first playgroup, Alex showed the kids his "new way to eat". Dillon proceeded to go home and tell her Dad that "it wasn't fair that Alex could eat right through his belly and she wanted a tube". Out of the mouths of babes! As for me, having time to hang out with the girls and act like a "normal" mother is such a nice break from the usual craziness that is our life. All around it is just a really important part of our life that we dearly miss when we are in Houston. I hope you girls know how much your friendship is appreciated.​
As for Bruce, the job hunt continues. We are sending out lots of resumes and praying a good opportunity comes along.

The wii olympics continues! Currently I am kicking Bruce's butt in golf and bowling and he DOES NOT like it! Poor Guy he has to hear it from me and Alex. I am also loving my Wii fit. I am doing at least 30 min a day. Thank you Santa (aka grandpa) for our wii. We are sure putting it to good use!

I have had a few people ask about Samuel. He is doing wonderfully! The doctors at TCH have said he is a true miracle. There is no medical explanation for how he is alive, much less doing as well as he is. He is off the heart lung bypass, off the ventilator, breathing on his own and out of the PICU!!!! Missy and Ben are seeing some changes, but are thrilled to be able to hold their little boy. I can't wait to get back to Houston to hug them all again. When I left things were still pretty tenuous.

Whoo! I think that is all! Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers.


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