Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things are still in the works to get us home Tuesday or Wednesday for a hiatus! I am hoping Dr. Koenig won't change her mind. She told me Saturday that it is very unusual to send someone home from the hospital with active pancreatiti​s. Since then his enzymes have jumped up by several hundred points. Alex seems fine, but we are keeping a close eye on him. He continues to amaze me with his strength as he battles what is considered to be one of the most painful illnesses you can have.

We had a visit from the pulmonoligi​st today. We are relatively sure Alex's lungs are fine, but he gets out of breath easily and we don't want to miss anything. She was also concerned about one of his labs when we came in. So she has recommended running some labs, doing a chest xray and attempting a pulmonary function test. She also is going to track us down tomorrow after Alex's play time to listen to him once he has been running. The last suggestion she had was to proceed with the sleep study if we can ever get it done. (It has been cancelled twice because we were admitted).

S​o we wait to see Koenig and GI tomorrow to get the go ahead to leave. Please pray that they will let us stay home until after Christmas.


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