Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The good news... Alex seems MUCH better this morning. He had us a little worried last night. We could not wake him up. He slept from 2:00 yesterday afternoon until 6:00 this morning. His temperature is down and while not back to normal he looks much better. This does not look like a serious illness.

The not so good news...He is once again not tolerating any feeds. On our way out the door yesterday Alex threw up so I stopped feeds. Dr. Koenig wanted them back on at 20 cc/hr. We started that around 8 last night. The nurse came in around 2:00 and told me we needed to stop feeds per the doctor. We are feeding into his intestines, but he is backing up and dumping it out his stomach. We are venting his stomach to keep him from distending and being uncomfortab​le. I have not seen the doctors this morning so I don't know yet what the plan is. Last hospital stay Dr. K and I had talked about the very real possibility that Alex's Gut may shut down with every illness and he may need TPN. We had said if that was the case i would just do TPN at home and then move back over to feeds after a few weeks. So I am not sure if that will be the plan or not.


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