Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sorry for the delay in updating!

Al​ex started feeds as planned last night around dinner time at a very slow rate. He did pretty well over night except that he was draining a large amount of bile from his stomach via his Gtube. This morning the amount of output increased even more. When GI came to see us they made the call to clamp the tube we were draining and see if his body could move everything through. Their concern was that bile was in his stomach which meant it was backing up. We clamped the tube and within a few hours we noticed Alex starting to have some pain. We stopped feeds for 3 hours. This afternoon we reran his pancreas enzymes and they have increased a bit. This was our fear. Our pediatric resident is luckily on call tonight and made the quick decision to stop feeds before the pancreatiti​s becomes out of control again. I will find out tomorrow when the plan to try again is.

We will not be able to leave the hospital as long as his pancreatic enzymes are elevated regardless of his feeds. We were hoping for early next week, but that is not looking good at this point.

Dr. Koenig has been scarce this week as she prepared for an exam so I will be SO happy to have her back.

I will update tomorrow. As always thank you to all of us that continually pray for us and support us.


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