Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It has been a long, hard day and it isn't over yet...

The day got off to a really crappy start. The same small group of nurses and the nurse manager who were giving Jen and I trouble last time are at it again. On monday we were told we could no longer sit in the hall and talk to each other. We were told we had to be in one of our rooms. I have been trying to stay out of PICU becuase of Alex's bacterial infection. Even though the risk of spreading it is pretty low, I didn't want to take any chances. Jen slept in my room last night beacuse their was no where for her to sleep (they never turn off the lights in PICU and there is no bathroom). We got up this morning and one of the "trouble" nurses reported it to my pediatricia​n. She informed me that I can no longer have any visitors in my room that are not family. This is not a written rule anywhere and we have a group of people on our side trying to help us fight this, but we are very upset to say the least.

Now on to Alex...At about 4 am he started crying about his belly hurting. He eventually fell back to sleep but he was in horrible pain for a good portion of the day. He was also really naseaous. When I saw Dr. Koenig I mentioned that a friend had told me her little boy gets pancreatiti​sis everytime he is on the antibiotic Alex is on. She ordered the labs to check and gave him something for the naseau. About 8:00 tonight the on call doctor came by and told me we were not to put anything in Alex's tube under any circumstanc​es. She then told me Alex's lab values. His two pancreas labs are EXTREMELY high. They have ordered ultrasound to come up stat. We are waiting now.

On the Bruce front...bru​ce started his new job Monday. It is going ok. It is a really long commute. It is taking him between 1-2 hours each way depending on traffic. He is also worried he is not going to make enough commission to make the money we need. So all of you who were keeping eyes and ears open for job opportuniti​es please continue to do so.

I will update when i know more.


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