Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things are a little less frantic today so I can explain a little more! There are two enzymes that they measure to watch pancreas function, amylase and lipase. Amylase should be no higher then 90. Lipase should be no higher then 70. When they are both elevated it is pancreatiti​s. Alex's amylase was 3000 and his lipase was greater then 800. Basically both numbers through the roof. To put this in perspective Alex had an amylase of 195 several years ago and they were concerned about that.

Yesterday, Alex did okay once we got his pain meds started. He was relatively comfortable until about 10:00 last night. At that point was in horrible pain again. We called the doctor and increased his pain meds, but we could not get the pain under control until after midnight. he is once again comfortable and we are hoping not to have anymore really severe episodes of pain. If the pain gets worse we will go to a continuous drip of pain medication. Everyone is in agreement, we do NOT want him to hurt.

We did not transfuse yesterday. We just didn't want to add one more thing into the mix. We are transfusing this morning with steroids, tylenol and extra benadryl on board hoping to avoid a reaction.

Th​e plan as of now is to continue watching his pancreas numbers. Monday's tube placement and colonoscopy are going to be a game time decision. Dr. Koenig will have final say on whether it happens. If his pancreas is still inflamed or he is still in extreme pain we will hold off. If he is doing okay we will go ahead with it. Once the tube is in place we will attempt another antibiotic to treat the bacterial infection through his tube. We will also slowly start feeds and hope to get back to where we were. The trick is we cannot feed until the pancreatiti​s is under control. So we are pretty much in a holding pattern right now.

Landon is doing well. The plan is to try and bring him out of the coma tomorrow and extubate on Monday. He has been very stable for the last several days. We actually laughed with Dr. Koenig yesterday that for once it was Alex that had her worried.

Hop​efully, that helps clarify things a little. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. they mean the world to us.


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