Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some news I had not updated... While we were away my mitochondri​al DNA testing came back. Dr. koenig had run this to compare it to Alex's. My DNA is identical to Alex's and there is a mutation that is suspicious for disease. The problem with this is that Alex and I have that mutation in the same amount. So if that was the only thing wrong, i would be as sick as Alex. Dr. Koenig feels that there are a few possibiliti​es. One, that Alex has really bad mutation in his mitochondri​al DNA which is present at such a small level that they can't detect it. Two, Alex has a new mutation that they haven't found yet. Three, Alex got a nuclear mutation from Bruce that by itself wouldn't cause problems , but with my DNA makes everything worse. At this point we will wait till the testing gets better in a few years and try again. It really wouldn't change anything anyway.

We leave Sunday for Houston. We see Dr. Koenig, Dr. Rhoads (GI), Dr. Chumpatazi (new GI who specializes in motility), Dr. Pacheco (Immunologi​st), have a sleep study, and have an abdominal CT scan. So we should be pretty busy.

We are also really excited to see all our friends again although we won't have as much down time as usual.

Bruce starts his new job on Monday. So pray that he likes it and it goes well.


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