Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Up and Then Back Down

Last night was a much better night. We went for a ct scan around 11:00 pm. Alex's temp stayed in the 101 range all night. It really looked liked things were turning around. We saw ENT very briefly this morning and they said the CT report wasn't up yet, but that from the images it didn't appear that the sinuses were as bad as initially thought. Our team came by and we started brainstorming again. It was decided to do an echo of his heart and an abdominal US. But we all agreed that he was doing better and we just might not ever know. It was also decided that we would continue the antibiotics to finish a week or 10 day course since they seemed to be helping. Then all of a sudden around 1:00, Alex's temp spiked back up over 103. Dr. Koenig and Dr. Pacheco both came by to check on him. They also called in the infectious disease doctors to get their input. They are starting to think this could be a virus. They have run a bunch of labs looking at things like Mono.
Right now Alex's temperature is back to 104.6. We have the room temp at 55 degrees. Alex is once again wrapped in wet cloths and has a fan blowing on him. He is still on oxygen. We also have him on TPN and IV meds trying to lessen the stress on his body.

I also ask that you keep Alex's "little brother" Samuel in your prayers. Samuel got really sick last night. He has a nasty line infection and is in the ICU.

I will update if anything changes.

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