Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yesterday was such an awesome day. Alex exuded joy all day. I had to share a few stories.

The day started with an easter egg hunt and treasure hunt to find his Easter basket. Alex always loves the treasure hunt. I was really proud this year as he read all his own clues. He loved figuring it out and racing to the next spot. Once again the Easter Bunny overdid it! Alex was THRILLED with his basket. He got a few toys that he has been wanting for quite some time.

My aunt, uncle and cousin came for lunch. Alex loves them and spent his time bouncing from one to the next. I am pretty sure Andrea got the most attention. he always does love a pretty young girl!

Some of you who have been following our story for a while will remember that he used to be able to eat 4 foods (Those were the only ones he could tolerate out of everything we tried). He could eat pinto beans, blueberries​, carrots and bananas. Pinto Beans were always his favorite! He has not been able to eat for the past two years as his stomach does not empty anymore. The food just sits there and makes him sick. On a few occasions we have let him have tiny tastes of very liquidy forms of his previously safe foods. So I had promised him that on Easter I would make him bean dip. (Basically mashed pinto beans, water and salt) I could barely get Easter dinner on the table as Alex kept coming back into the kitchen begging for his bean dip. I finally got us all settled. The smile on Buggy's face was priceless. Even better was the exclamation​s..."this is a pleasure to my appetite" over and over. It was just precious. Unfortunate​ly he is paying the price as his tummy is bloated and hurts. But he would tell you it was worth every bite!

Once again my next story takes some set up for those who don't know us personally. Alex loves food. He loves to smell it adn experience it in his own way. We have always encouraged him to take part in meals and have never pitied him. He is also extremely nonchalant about his tubes. He will show them to people without a thought. SO...After the company left we all had some quiet time. Alex had just gotten up when he heard the ice cream truck music. Alex has never experienced the ice cream truck for obvious reasons, but we had talked about it a few days ago when I heard the music and told him about running out of the house as a little girl when I heard the ice cream truck. So he gets all excited and takes off out the door in nothing but his underwear! Two tubes, port accessed, backpack on, and pure joy on that sweet face. Luckily our neighbors are great people and familiar with Alex's health problems and acted like nothing was wrong. As we waited for the ice cream truck to pull over, Alex was bouncing around in his excitement. The truck driver sure got an eyeful! Alex quickly picked which ice cream he wanted and ordered. He had the ice cream man chuckling. He was so excited to order a choclate ice cream sandwich which he pronounced was double fudge. He was so very proud of his purchase. And we got the ice cream mans card so we can call him when we want him to come around!
He announced yesterday the best day ever and then crashed into bed.
I love days like this!

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