Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor Buggy! He is not feeling well. Unfortunate​ly his pain has been worse the last 2 days. We have some pretty strong pain meds on board, but that will keep us from getting home!

He is hysterical with them though. Alex can sometimes "taste" his IV meds. Yesteray after a hefty dose of fentanyl (which is about 100 times stronger then morphine) I asked him if he had tasted it. His answer....N​o, but its make me really dizzy and that has me entertained! Then today after another dose, he told the doctor he felt GREAT! I bet he did.

Otherwi​se things are about the same. We have TPN and lipids running. We are watching labs and adjusting things as needed. His blood counts are teetering dangerously close to transfusion level.

Someh​ow through it all he keeps a smile on his face and the rest of us amused with his antics.

Plea​se pray the pain improves and we can make it home soon. And for Brucey to get a job!


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