Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today has been a little better! (It had to be didn't it?)

Alex and I both slept very well. I actually fell asleep before 9:00. Alex has not vomited at all today. His stomach is still hurting, but we have had short periods where he will sit up for a few minutes. The thought is that he got an infection and it slowed his GI motility even more then usual. Our hope is that if we give him a few days we will be able to start feeds and go back to "normal".

His temperature has stayed down today. It is hanging right around 100. Enough to let us know he isn't completely well, but not enough to make him feel horrible.

Th​e main concern today has been numerous dizzy spells. Dr. Koenig had just gotten to our room when he started one. She came in and his pupils were dilating and constrictin​g leading her to believe it was more seizures. So we started a seizure medication this afternoon. Hopefully, that will control things. I am not sure whether we will continue this new medication when we go home.

Please pray for Buggy to continue to feel better.

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