Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things are trekking along! Not much to report. We are kind of holding steady right now.

I am feeling MUCH better. I was excited to have a fun visit with Missy last night and I even ate a cheeseburge​r! Emotionally​, I am treading a thin line. Alex is cranky. The stress of no income for the last year has steadily been wearing me down and now we are back inpatient on TPN and lipids with no idea when we are coming home or how long before Alex makes huge strides and we can reattempt feeds. It just stinks sometimes!S​o that is my pity party for the day!

One of the complicatin​g factors in our decisions right now is our upcoming schedule. We were scheduled to come to Houston April 25th. He is going under anesthesia on the 27th (for dental work and the SSEP that keeps getting transferred​) and will be readmitted as always after anesthesia. Then we have appointment​s scheduled the entire following week and are not supposed to return home until May 7th. Some of the doctors are feeling that maybe we shouldn't push Alex and go home just to be readmitted in a week. So we are going to monitor the next few days. If he is able to go home before Monday, we will go and have a week at home. Anything after that I am not sure. I don't know that it is fair to make a child with severe abdominal pain sit in a car seat for 5 hours twice in less then a week.

Please pray for Bug to feel better, for my peace of mind, and for Bruce to find a job and relieve some of the incredible stress we are under.

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