Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where to begin...We need prayers!

The "fun" started yesterday. We went for Alex's ultrasound early yesterday. They did not see an abscess. However we came back from the ultrasound and our GI said he was pretty sure there was an abscess which left us at a loss. Shortly after that the radiology report came back and showed a problem with one of Alex's kidneys. The rest of yesterday was pretty uneventful.​
This morning started pretty well. Allison, Brookie, Peyton and crew came to visit again. Alex was so excited and the kids had even more fun playing today. Things seemed great. Alex was really tired when we got back to our room and his belly and legs were hurting, but I just figured he was tired from all the excitement. The Renal (kidney) doctors came by and asked some questions. They decided they think this could be a passing thing caused by the 2 abdominal surgeries and decided to repeat an ultrasound in a few days. After they left I realized that Alex felt warm. I checked a temperature and he had a fever of 102.2. We immediately did some blood work and checked some blood cultures. We rechecked temp and it was up to 103. They also ran a urine culture. Our pediatricia​n came by and we decided it was imperative to do a ct scan of his abdomen at this point. So med transport came by for the second time. This time to start an IV. After one blown attempt in his hand, we made the decision that we were not going to needlessly stick him over and over as we have done so many times. We started the IV in his neck as we had done for his last CT scan. After some tylenol, his temp is down to 101. We do know that his lactate is up and his blood work looks like there is an infection.

Please pray for answers and for Buggy to feel better. I will update if I know any more tonight.


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