Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, here is my recap of the last few days...

Mond​ay afternoon we decided to start 5 cc's an hour of sugar water despite the agreement that we still had an ileus. Monday night he woke up several times in pain and also nauseous.

Tu​esday Alex did not feel well at all. He was nauseous and in pain and his overnight labs showed that his pancreatic enzymes were rising. Tuesday afternoon I finally went for lunch around 3:00. When I got back Alex was lying in his bed and Dr. Koenig was here. Alex had thrown up while I was gone. He proceeded to throw up two more times before the night was out prompting us to stop feeds. We all assumed it was his pancreatiti​s. We repeated his pancreas labs but they were actually a little lower.

Yesterday morning we restarted feeds at the same 5 cc's an hour. Alex was NOT himself at all. He was really clinging and cried everytime I walked out the room, even if i was only going to the nurses station. He was also really puny. Seaworld was bringing animals to the hospital and even that didn't perk him up. He layed in his stroller and wouldn't even sit up to see the animals. He was also leaking large amounts of fluid around his jtube. We were constantly changing gauze and we changed shirts 3 times.

Today we started out the same. The leaking and complaining of not feeling well continued. Around 10:00 we decided to once again stop feeds until we could determine what was causing our leaking and discomfort. Since that time Alex has had a better day. We are still not sure what is going on. We think there are 3 possibiliti​es: his ileus, pancreatiti​s, or a bladder infection. The place where Alex is complaining of pain could be a UTI. Alex's pancreas enzymes are once again higher, his urinalysis is questionabl​e and his abdominal xray shows some improvement but still an ileus. So we wait....

I a meeting with Dr. Koenig tomorrow afternoon to discuss our plan. I will update after that.

In other news...Alex'​s steri strips fell off his incision tonight and it looks AWESOME!!! As the nurse and I joked we couldn't draw a line that straight.

Th​ank you again for always keeping Alex and I in your thoughts and prayers. It really is a blessing!


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