Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, March 30, 2009

Alex is still really puny today. He has a temp over 102. His labs still don't look great, but they look MUCH better then yesterday.

T​he good news is feeds are up to 10 cc/hour.

Ple​ase continue to pray for our family. We are trying to remain upbeat and faithful that God will bless us. Howver, it is difficult when the hits keep on coming. Todat Bruce found out that he has a hole in his retina that will require a laser procedure.


Update at 6:30: Alex is struggling again. We have had to put him on oxygen. His saturations are lower then we would like even on 2 liters of oxygen. We are running more labs. Dr. Pacheco (our immunologis​t) has also decided to run IVIG to try and help his immune system fight this infection. Dr. Koenig is concerned about him, but we are hoping he will turn the corner tomorrow. Since she will not be around tomight she will have the ICU doctor check on us periodicall​y throughout the night to make sure Alex stays stable and doesn't get any sicker.

I will update in the morning.

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