Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

As is the case so many days here there is both good and bad news to report!

The bad news is that after starting the IV in Alex's neck and heading to CT scan the radiologist​s refused to use that line for contrast. After many phone calls and much pleading, the decision was made to do a CT without contrast yesterday and then attempt to get another Iv to do one with contrast this morning. Well this morning one of our favorite med transport guys (IV experts) came in. He knows it is practically impossible to start an IV on Alex. He called CT and got them to agree to use the IV we already had in his neck if a dr approved it. So we were all set. Then the head attending (who is here this weekend and we have never seen before) decided not to expose him to radiation 2 days in a row and cancelled the CT. So we do not know definitivel​y whether Alex has an abscess or not.

However....​Since starting the second antibiotic (that was added to treat if it was an abscess) not only does his stomach look and feel better, but the drainage around his J tube has virtually stopped!!! Praise God. Maybe will be able to feed! He does still have his fever though.

The plan is to wait until his fever is gone and make sure he doesn't have a central line infection. then we will do a contrast study to make sure his Jtube is in place aswell as repeat the kidney ultrasound. Assuming all of that is good we will resume our sugar water at 5 cc's/hour and pray for better results.

I'l​l let you know if anything changes.


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