Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the most part today has been a little easier. Alex has been able to move his legs a little bit. He has tolerated me changing his diaper and wiping dried blood off his belly. He is pretty drugged up and slept 90% of the day, but was able to respond if we ask him questions. Surgery also let us pull his ng tube. That is the same tube through his nose that caused so much irritation last time.

We had two main setbacks today...One his right lung doesn't sound great. We have had to force him to change his position as we are trying to avoid pneumonia. The other problem is that since about 3:00 we have been dealing with pretty substantial face and tongue swelling. His tongue is swelling to the point where it is hanging out of his mouth. All of the doctors reconvened in our room this afternoon and we have given extra benadryl. We also made the decision to give a second round of steroids. At that point the doctors were comfortable watching his heartrate and oxygen saturations to determine his status. He was doing rwally well until tonight. I think he is deciding he doesn't want me to sleep because he is flirting with the low side of okay right now. Luckily a doctor we trust is on call tonight and very aware of the situation.

Please continue to keep Buggy in your prayers!


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