Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a pretty decent day today. Alex's temperature has stayed between 101 and 102 all day. He was still pretty lethargic but his personality was back which was good to see. (Except when he was driving me crazy around 3:00 this afternoon).​
Dr. Koenig is still concerned about him. This is his sixth day with a fever. She doesn't like that even with the oxygen his sats are not close to 100. He is spilling protein in his urine and his pancreas numbers continue to go up instead of down. She feels like we will be here at least another 4-5 days.

He is coughing quite a bit so we are leaving him on his antibiotics for now and we did another chest xray this afternoon, but we don't have the results yet. We are still waiting on Dr. Pacheco to make the call on IVIG although Dr. Koenig would like it to be done.

I am feeling better then this morning. I just have a scratchy throat and am coughing a little. My hips hurt, but I don't feel as icky all over. Hopefully with a good night sleep I will feel better tomorrow.

I will update again in the morning.


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