Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, December 28, 2008

For those who didn't see it, I updated earlier today so make sure you read that first!

Dr. Koenig and Dr. Pacheco were just here. They are happy with how good Alex looks, but they want to keep a close eye on him. As far as the flu goes, we don't have much cjoice. There is a medication, but it has to be used in the first 48 hours and it is only oral which means it is loaded with stuff Alex is allergic too. Also, complicatin​g the problem is the fact that we have no J tube and everything just sits in Alex's stomach and doesn't move. So we aren't going to treat as of right now. They are discussing whether IVIG would be beneficial fo Alex. We don't want to use it unless it is really necessary, so we are weighing the pros and cons.

Alex's urinalysis didn't look very good so we need to repeat that and make sure his kidneys are working okay.

For the time being we are going to continue on antibiotics because there is a bacterial infection that can go along with the flu and they want to be cautious.

We are also going to continue watching his pancreas. Dr. Koenig has not decided whther we will place a J tube while we are here (once he is better) or wait on his pancreas.

So a lot of waiting and watching over the next few days. Alex was thrilled to see Dr. Koenig. He kept wanting to hug her. I will keep you posted.

As always we appreciate all the prayers and support from you our extended family.


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