Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh where to begin? As usual Alex has kept us on our toes!

Christ​mas Eve was really fun! We put out food for Rudolph, went to church and went out to dinner. Alex was so good through all of it. He loved smelling all of the different foods we had at the restaurant. Alex quickly fell asleep with dreams of Santa dancing through his little head.

Alex had been insisting for days that Santa was bringing him exactly 3 presents because that is what he had asked for! When he woke up yesterday, I informed him Santa had been here and there were DEFINITELY more then 3 presents. He came out of his room said "whoo" and promptly pretended to faint! Only my Alex!!! He had a ball opening all of his presents and loved everything.

His nose started running early yesterday, but we didn't think much of it. Then he started coughing a little, but again not too bad. Well by last night he started feeling pretty warm. I took his temperature and his fever was 103.4. I was hoping it would go down over night, but so far it is staying strong above 103. I have been in contact with Dr. Koenig. She would like me to come into the ER today. I am trying to hold off until tomorrow and spend one last day with Grandpa. Alex is his usual upbeat self. He is tiring out quickly but still playing. I am fairly confident we are just dealing with a cold, but we need to head to Houston anyway.

As always I will keep you all posted. I hope you all had a very blessed holiday.


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