Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The good, the bad, the ugly...

The good: Alex's temp is down to 100.6. Now we are praying it stays down. The oxygen is also helping keep his sats high enough.

The bad: I almost killed the nurse last night! Both yesterday and last night Alex's nurse were from a floor that typically deals with less sick kids. Dr. Koenig puts us in the IMU because the level of care is so much higher. Well that doesn't happen when they float nurses. So yesterday during the day we did okay except she questioned me about everything which just makes me annoyed. LAst night the girl was as sweet as could be, but she came in everytime and turned on the big overhead light and started talking to me and Alex. Anyone who has talked to me about night nurses in the hospital knows all I want is to be able to sleep so I was NOT happy.

The ugly: Alex has not had the energy/stre​ngth to even sit up in bed since Sunday afternoon. If he attempts to sit up (to take a sip of water) he shakes. At this point he is not even attempting anymore. He is talking a little more though since his temp came down.

Last thing...I am strating to fell really rundown/cra​ppy. I cannot afford to get sick. Please pray I do not get this nasty flu.

I will update after I see the doctors.


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