Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things continue to go really well here. We are basically just killing time till next week. Alex is playing and enjoying his time with his "friends" (the child life girls and nurses). Alex and Landon are also really enjoying each other. They have watched movies and gone for walks.

As far as medically, we have not yet transfused. We are trying to wait as close as possible to the surgery. The surgery is still not "officially" scheduled, but is expected to be on Monday. We requested a specific surgeon and he is out of town until the weekend. Once they speak to him it will be official.

Th​ank you so much to everyone who so generously donated to the fun run. With your support I was able to raise almost $1800 and am in the top 5 fundraisers. I am proud to call you my family and friends.

Jen and I will leave here around 7 o'clock tomorrow morning and do the 5k. It will be a really neat experience. Missy (Samuel's Mom) and her family as well as several of the child life girls will be walking with us.

I will be back for a few hours tomorrow and then get to go pick up Mimi at the airport. Alex and I are both SO excited for her to get here. Alex has told everyone his Mimi is coming. He even has Landon saying "Mimi's coming"!

I will update again today if I have any new news.


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