Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday and Saturday night was one delay after another. We waited all day and night for the ct scan and it never happened. The first delay was that Alex needed an IV started for the contrast material. Contrast cannot go through a port. So we had to wait on med transport (the iv experts) to start one. While we were waiting we learned that radiology wanted us to have an abdominal xray prior to the ct scan. That meant needing orders from one of our doctors to do an xray. Then radiology sent up contrast to go in his gtube which surgery said we could not use. So needless to say it was alot of calls and frustration.​
Med transport showed up at 7:00 yesterday morning to try and start the IV. After 2 hours and 6 sticks they wound up having to place an IV in his neck. We went down and our cat scan was finally done!

Yesterday morning Alex was the worst he had been. Anytime he moved he was in horrible pain and he was extremely lethargic. he barely cried through the entire IV situation. Mom and I were extremely worried. After seeing surgery they felt that the NG tube could possibly be causing irritation so we pulled it. Immediately we had a new child. He was so much perkier and we started to see signs of "our" Alex.

Alex continued to improve last night and is doing great this morning. He still has the IV in his neck. It should come out sometime this morning.

The CT scan didn't show any evidence of abcess or infection. It did however show some other small issues that I will discuss with Dr. Koenig today. The plan was to start feeds today although I think he could use another day or two to be all the way back to normal.

Mimi left this morning. Alex and I are so sad she is gone. We miss her already. Thanks Mom for being here. We Love you.

I will update again once I see surgery and Dr. Koenig this morning.


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