Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Party times 2

Yesterday, was a whirlwind! Two of our close friends from playgroup both had birthday parties! It was fun day with lots of much needed time with our friends. I say it all the time, but Alex and I really miss our playgroup when we are away. Brookie's party was a hollywood theme so Bug wanted to be a director. He looked really cute.

Alex is doing really well! Yesterday was a big day as we were able to get his feeds up to 20 cc/hr. That was the magic rate where we could attempt to stop TPN during the day and just run it at night. He gave us a scare at first as it didn't look like his blood sugars would hold. Luckily, his body adjusted and we were able to go back to our small (much more manageable) backpack during the day!

Tomorrow is lab day. I am also hoping to speak to a Dr. K about a couple of outstanding test results. I will update after I know more.


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  1. Look at that handsome boy. What a ray of sunshine. I miss you both so much and can't wait until July. Alex, stay healthy! I had a wonderful visit, and it makes me sad to leave you both. We will have a great time in July. I am so happy that Alex is off that huge backpack and is mobile again. You can hear the excitement in his voice to be done with the daily TPN. He does put up with so much prodding, pricking, poking, needles, meds, etc. It's amazing he is so happy and joyful. We could all learn a lesson from him. Love to you - Mimi