Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is purely a vent and nothing more...

Dr. Koenig put Alex on the IMU to watch him more closely and so Jen and I could be more support to each other since we are both here by ourselves. I forgot how much I hate this unit! As bad as it is on the regulas floor with them coming in every few hours for vital signs and meds. On the IMU, in addition to that Alex is hooked up to continuous heartrate, oxygen saturation and resperation monitors. Well, Alex's "norms" are not normal so the monitors beep every ten minutes all night long. Really conducive to sleep huh? Can we go home yet?

Here's what I know so far...We will see GI, Infectious Disease, Immunology, Dermatology​, and of couse Dr. Koenig. Some of Alex's bloodwork has already come back off. We have 2 separate issues that we dealing with. The spots which are some sort of infection (we are not convinced it is folliculiti​s at this point). And the fact that Alex cannot tolerate his feeds. We have to get nutrition into Alex. The most likely plan is to start the TPN or IV nutrition tommorrow. If that happens we will be here at least through the weekend. I have a computer with me so I will keep you updated.

Buggy is in good spirits and feels very much at home here. Please pray that he does not have to endure any painful testing. I am doing okay. I am just really tires from all the travelling and lack of sleep the last 6 weeks. Please pray for my body to hold up and for my mind to quiet at night so I can rest and recharge. The hardest part for both Alex and I is the boredom that sets in after a day or two. The nurses and child life girls try to keep us entertained​, but we're a hard sell! The days are long!


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