Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The fun continues... We tried to start Alex's feeds this morning at half strength and a very slow rate. He got a fever not long after so we had to stop feeds. We are going to stay on IV fluids tonight and try again tomorrow.

The pediatricia​n's are pretty sure that his spots are folliculiti​s. We are starting 5 more days of IV antibiotics to try and kick it.

We are off isolation and allowed out of our room so that was great news. Also, Dr. koenig said that Alex's EEG was normal so his brain still looks good. YAY!!!!

Dr. Koenig will be by tomorrow morning to sit with us for a n hour or so and go over all my questions/t​est results etc. We are definitely doing the fundo at this point. Alex is in a lot of pain and is pointing to the center of his chest every time we ask where it hurts. We are hoping to see surgery tomorrow and do the surgery some time next month.

More tomorrow...​

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