Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alex was admitted to the hospital in houston last night. We think he has a virus. He has diarhea, stomach pain and a sore throat. He was not tolerating his feeds so his doctors were concerned. He is on IV fluids and we will monitor him today. In the meantime, Alex is breaking out in spots again. So we are also trying to decide what to do about that.

We did do Alex's EEG yesterday. I have not discussed it with Dr. Koenig yet, but the tech told me they saw no seizure activity, but some abnormal brain spikes. I am not sure what it means at this point. We are expecting to see Dr. koenig and an infectious disease doctor today.

The hardest part right now is that Alex doesn't feel that bad so it is hard to be cooped up in the hospital. And we aren't even allowed to hang out with Landon or go to the playroom because we could be contagious. Jen and I did have lunch and dinner together yesterday so that was a nice treat.

I will update later with more news.


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