Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We survived! All the prayers that didn't help with the IV yesterday must have been on overdrive today! Mommy didn't cry a single tear all day.

We were first on the schedule this morning. They came to get us a few minutes after 6:00. As soon as we got down to surgery they told us that an emergency had come in so we would have a little wait. UGGG! They finally took him about 8:45. The surgery took a little longer then anticipated. They vein they were wanting to use wouldn't cooperate. TYPICAL! So they had to use a vein is his neck and thread it down to the port in his chest. Not a bad thing, just different. And 2 owies to heal instead of one. The doctor came and talked to me around 10:30. I was brought back to Alex close to 11:30. And we were back up to our room around 12. Unfortunate​ly we didn't get to stay long....

The pediatricia​n and Dr. Koenig decided they wanted Alex watched a little closer then they are capable of on the regular floor. It is completely precautiona​ry. We were moved to an intermediat​e unit. It is between ICU and regular. They just have more nurses and moitor a little closer.

Alex already loves his port. The IV was hurting his hand every time we tried to use it. We have switched over to his port and it is not hurting. he is doing really well. His neck is a little sore. That is to be expected.

The plan is to watch him overnight. Then tomorrow we are going to try a modified fast for the endocrinolo​gy unit. We should be discharged around dinner time tomorrow.

Th​anks for all the prayers. (Also for those of you who had the room phone #...Don't call it anymore!)


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