Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Monday, March 10, 2008

We are in Houston! We had to drive theough some pretty heavy rains. I don't know what happened to the 75 and sunny they were predicting!​
Tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 9 AM to be admitted. We will see GI, Immunology, and Endocrinolo​gy. I am also expecting Dr. Koenig to stop by and see us. Last, at some point anesthesia will come by and talk to us. Dr. Koenig is concerned about the anesthesia. There is a condition called malignant hyperthermi​a that occurs in some mito patients. One of the sysmptoms is a fever after anesthesia. Alex has spiked a fever after his last three surgeries so this is a concern.

The surgery is scheduled for sometime on Wednesday. i do not have a time right now. We will be discharged on Thursday and travel home on Friday.

Some specific prayers:

1. For me to stay strong. I have been really emotional the last few weeks. I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat.

2. For Alex to be brave. He is scared about this surgery. Also, they will need to start an IV Tuesday night. Pray for the nurses/anes​thesiologis​ts/medical transport team to have sure and steady hands and hit a vein quickly.

3. Pray for the surgery and anesthesia to go well.

Thanks for all the support.


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