Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alex has been such a trooper today! We started his fasting study at 11:30. It was an 8 hour fast. They tested his blood sugar every hour. If his blood sugar dropped below 45 we had a list of labs to run. At 6:30 his finger stick showed his glucose at 43. Unfortunate​ly when they sent a sample to the lab, it showed it at 52. So we just sent another sample to the lab. If it is below 50 we will draw the labs.Alex just fell asleep.

In other news...we met with the immunologis​t and Dr. Koenig again. Dr. K was just coming by to check on us, nothing new. The immunologis​t (Dr. Pacheco) shared the results from the tests we had performed last trip. It confirms what we already know. Alex's immune system is not functioning correctly. We are going to go home and repeat a vaccine and see if he makes titers. They are just waiting for the rest of the results to come back. Once everything is back in about 2 months they will have us come back. At that point Dr. K, immunology, endocrinolo​gy and GI will have a plan for us and we will discuss it.

They will monitor Alex overnight. In the morning if he is doing well we will be discharged. The only thing left is for my teaching on the port. Someone should be here around 8 AM to do that.

I will update once I know we are being discharged. Oh and to answer some questions...​we were kept in the IMU. They liked being able to monitor him continously. This morning I did convince them to let us off monitors intermitten​ly so we could walk around. Buggy and I were going stir crazy!


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