Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Friday, March 14, 2008

One of these days Alex is going to let us have an uneventful hospital stay!

We wound up drawing the labs last night. By the time we got everything done and Alex back on dextrose and feedings it was after 9:00. Shortly after he started shaking, wasn't communicati​ng with me, had a headache, he just wasn't right. We continued to monitor his blood sugar and it was all over the place. It was up and down between 65 and 170 several times. He also got a slight fever. He finally settled down around 1:00 AM. This morning he is completely back to normal.

We are being discharged, but it will likely be around noon. We have had the nicest nurses and pediatric team since we got here. The hospital is great about letting me "be in charge". They explain everything, ask me questions, and let me help in decision making. They are firm in the belief that I know Alex best and should be involved. Overall it has been a great experience.​
Again, Thanks to everyone for the prayers. We felt surrounded by love.


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