Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Roller Coaster Week

This past week has been full of high's and lows! It started really well with our annual Cub Scout Rocket Launch. Watching the rockets soaring up to 700 feet above us and seeing the kids running to find there rockets really is fun! Alex was happy to see his buddies, but still wasn't feeling great so we didn't last very long. Instead of making a new rocket, we once again launched our "Samuel" rocket. I am not sure we will ever have another rocket!

Most of the week we had a very quiet week with just school and psychology. We did have our first Den meeting on Tuesday night. Alex had so much fun with his buddies. I love to watch the times when he can just be a kid...telling secrets, laughing and playing. I was really happy that starting Tuesday I started to see some of Alex's "spunk" return. For the first time in months there is a hint of the light that I have really missed! On Wednesday, Alex had his first unit test for schoool. We continue to be really happy with our new curriculum and they include tests every 20 lessons. I am not talking a few small questions. His test was 4 pages of math and 13 pages of other material plus a 20 word spelling test and dictation. I am proud to say that my little smarty pants got EVERY SINGLE ONE RIGHT!!!!! I am so proud of the hard work he puts into school and responsibility to always want to do his best.

Tuesday's low was a prescription that was stolen from our front porch. The pharmacy replaced it and it wasn't a really big deal. BUT it really bothers me that someone would take a prescription that is sitting at someone's house. Serves them right they didn't get any "good" drugs...just prevacid.

My van had been so slow to start ever since I got home from Houston last week. It seemed like the battery, but after having it tested we were assured it was not. Panic set in as this car is only a few years old and car repairs were definitely not in the budget. We nursed it along with plans to take it in yesterday. However, Wednesday when I went to go run errands the car wouldn't start. Not having a working car is not an option is this household. If Alex were to get sick and I couldn't quickly get him to a hospital, it could mean the difference between life and death. So I told Bruce he needed to get home ASAP after work so we could figure out what was wrong and come up with a game plan. Luckily when Bruce got home he was able to jump start the car immediately. We took it to a local shop and they assured us that it was indeed just a dead battery. Woohoo! (I never thought I would be so happy to have a dead car battery) So an hour later, my car was up and running.

Thursday I had an oil change scheduled and was informed that my car is going to need tires soon! AGGGHHHHHH! I hate car "stuff'. But I also got the good new's that Dr. Kristy (Alex's beloved psychologist) will be covered as in-network through insurance for another six months. Yippee! We really would be lost without Dr. Kristy at this point. She has been incredible with Alex. After years of anxiety and OCD and the extreme grief of Samuel's death, Alex is not exhibiting signs of any of these things since working with Kristy. She really is a God send in our lives.

Friday was a day I had been dreading. Friday was the one year anniversary of the day Samuel passed away. Last month on his birthday (and for several days preceding) I was nothing short of a blubbering mess. I wasn't sure emotionally how I was going to handle this day. Surprisingly, I did okay. Kristy and I had made the decision together not to call attention to this day as far as Alex was concerned. If I was really upset, I wasn't going to lie to him, but we also weren't going to make a big deal. I kept pretty busy on Friday and tried to avoid going back a year in my head. I did something I rarely do and just tried to avoid thinkking about it. Those of you who know me well, know I am very in touch with my feelings. I am not afraid to feel hurt and cry. But I simply decided I wasn't going to do that in this case. September 23, 2010 in a day that has forever changed me. It is a day that I can picture in perfect clarity and they are not pictures that you want to relive. That day I lost a baby that I loved like my own. I watched my best friends and second family say goodbye to their beloved son. I watched Alex and Lauren suffer through realities and emotions that no six year olds should ever have to face. That day forced me to face my very worst fears in this world. Samuel, both his life and death are a part of me. They will always be a part of me, not just on September 23rd, but everyday.

Last year at this time, Alex was in the hospital, very sick. He was on Day 5 of a temp that we had been unable to get under 103 at any point. He was having seizures. He was hallucinating. It was not a good time. Just hours after Samuel's death Alex's temperature broke out of the blue. And I don't mean came down a little. Alex's temp went from almost 105 to 98 with no explanation. No part of me doubts that Samuel had a part in that. Missy and I have talked many times and we firmly believe that Samuel is keeping an extra close eye on his buddy and keeping him safe.  You will remember that we flew to Stanford on Samuel's birthday. So I had to chuckle when I got the call Friday afternoon informing me that Alex's SubQ IG (immune therapy) was approved "just that morning" and they were calling to set up the first infusion. We are so hopeful that this treatment will help Alex stay healthy and out of the hospital and able to participate in more "normal" kid activities.

Yesterday, I headed off to a Cub Scout Leader training and Bruce and Alex headed off to meet the Den to sell popcorn at a local Walmart. Alex is excited it is popcorn time again! he loves selling popcorn. He set two goals for himself this year:
1. To be top salesman for the Pack again
2. To sell $1000 worth of popcorn.
If you would like to help Alex meet these goals please visit
Alex's Scout id is 7676878.

We love each and every one of you. Thank you for the neverending love and support showered upon our family.

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  1. Whew! Crazy week indeed. Glad Alex is doing well and the car stuff isn't too big (ikwym re hating car stuff). Hope this week is even better. :)